Age Requirement
Children 13 & younger must be accompanied by and under the supervision of a parent/guardian or responsible individual at least 16 yearrs old (with proof of age) at all times while on Chatham County Aquatic Center property. The Chatham County Aquatic Center reserves the right to refuse admittance or remove from the facility any children who are unsupervised under these guidelines. No children 3 years old and younger are allowed.
Swimmers must wear swimsuits. Proper swimming attire is any garment designed for wear in the water, except garments that expose the buttocks or breasts. Street clothes (denim shorts, shirts, pants, etc) g-strings or thongs will not be allowed. Swimmers may wear t-shirts over swimwear if the shirt is made of light-weight material and does not extend below the knees or elbows.
Regular diapers are NOT allowed in the pool. Any individual that does not have complete bowel and bladder control must wear a swim diaper (a special diaper designed for pool wear and available at most stores). Child swim diapers are also available for sale at the front desk for $2.00.
Diving Block Use
The CCAC does not allow the starting blocks to be used without the supervision of a coach or instructor. Further, only the instructions of diving & competitive starts are allowed. Feet first entries, reaction time drills, and any other method to promote proper starts are allowed, as long as the safety of the swimmer is a priority. Cannon-balls, can-openers, flips, backward dives, and any other entry that involves the head leaning back towards the pool wall or starting block is not allowed.
Equipment Check Out
A limited number of lifejackets are available in youth and adult sizes. A limited number of kickboards, noodles, and exercise belts are available. Please ask staff for assistance or obtaining access to exercise equipment.
Food and Drink
Food and drink are allowed in the pool area, but must be kept 5 feet away from the pool's perimeter; anywhere on the dark grey concrete is allowed. All drinks must be in plastic or can containers - NO GLASS. Cooking and glass are not allowed in the pool area. Alcohol/Drugs are not permitted inside the facility or on the premises (including parking lot). The staff reserves the right to refuse entrance and remove intoxicated individuals.
In order to minimize the risk of guests being infected with a contagious disease, persons with the following conditions should not swim: fever, sore throat, diarrhea within the last two days, open sores, athletes foot, or any other contagious condition. Staff has the authority to refuse admittance and has the authority to deny use of the pool to any individual in which symptoms are present.
Lockers are available for rental to members only. The Chatham County Aquatic Center is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to money, valuables, or other articles belonging to those using the facility. Other patrons may use lockers on a temporary basis; however, locks may not be left on overnight.
Pool Rules

Pool rules are posted in the pool area near the recreation pool. Please ask the Aquatic Center staff for clarification or explanation of the pool rules. Aquatic Center staff has the right to remove anyone from the Aquatic Center for not obeying the pool rules.

Exception:  individuals who behave in a manner that compromises the safety of other guests or the facility are subject to immediate expulsion.

Pool Use
The 50 Meter pool is for lap swimming, training classes, and exercise only. No diving off the blocks without an instructor or coaches present. Lap swimming refers to continuous swimming from end to end in a lane without stopping. If the lanes are crowded, circle swimming is necessary to accommodate all users and will be enforced.
Private Instruction
The Aquatic Center does not allow anyone to use the facility for private instruction without prior permission from Aquatic Center management. Examples include scuba, swim teams, kayak, triathlon training, fitness training or similar instruction. The agreement will be required and include lane rental agreement, proof of insurance and proof of certification. For more information please contact the Facilities Management at 912-652-6793.
Safety Breaks
The recreational pool may be cleared of all swimmers for fifteen minutes at 1:45 PM. and 3:45 PM. Safety breaks are are signaled with three long whistle blasts by the lifeguard. All swimmers in the recreational pool must exit the pool during these breaks.
Smoking is not permitted inside the building or near the entrance area.
Spectators or individuals bringing a participant to a class or activity and who remain on deck do not pay admission. If you or other family members will be swimming during a class time or entering the pool area during recreational swim sessions, you must pay regular admission rates.