Age Requirement
We welcome all ages to the Aquatic Center. For the safety of all guests, swimmers 15 & younger must be accompanied and supervised by an individual at least 18 years old (with proof of age) while at the Chatham County Aquatic Center. All children 3 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult in the pool while swimming.

All swimmers must check in at the front desk before entering the pool area. Wristband policy for recreational swimmers may apply.

Proper swim attire designed for water sports and activities, with adequate coverage must be worn at all times in the pool. This excludes any type of street or cotton-based clothing; cut off jean shorts, worn or see-through swim wear, thongs, underwear, athletic shorts and gym workout attire.

Any individual that does not have complete bowel and bladder control must wear a swim diaper (a special diaper designed for pool wear and available at most stores). Regular diapers are NOT allowed in the pool. For your convenience, child swim diapers are also available for sale at the front desk for $2.00

Equipment Check Out
CCAC has equipment available for our guests while swimming at the Aquatic Center. We have Coast Guard approved lifejackets in infant, youth and adult sizes, kickboards, noodles, and exercise belts. The Aquatic Center staff will be happy to assist any guest wanting to use equipment. We ask that you return the equipment when you have finished swimming. Lifejackets may only be worn in the shallow end of the recreational pool. Any floatation devices that are not Coast Guard approved are not allowed in the pool.

Toys/Floatation Devices
Pool toys and floats must be of soft material; use is at the discretion of the lifeguard. NO inflatable toys or floatation devices are allowed.

Food and Drink
Guest are welcomed to bring food into the facility and on the pool deck. Please keep all food and drink 5 feet away from the pool's perimeter. All food and drinks must be in plastic or shatter resistant containers - NO GLASS is allowed.

In order to minimize the risk of guests being infected with a contagious diseases, persons with the following conditions should not swim: fever, sore throat, diarrhea within the last two days, open sores, athletes' foot, or any other contagious condition.

Locker Room Usage
The Chatham County Aquatic Center offers women's and men's locker rooms located in the lobby and a family/gender neutral restroom/showeroom is located on the pool deck. Guests over five years of age are not permitted to enter the opposite gender restroom/locker room. Cell phones, cameras or other electronic devices may not be used or visible in the locker rooms at any time.
Lockers are available for rental for $100/year. The Chatham County Aquatic Center will assign a locker with a lock and its own individual combination with a signed locker rental agreement. Daily lockers are available for swimmers to use their own locks. However, there is no overnight storage allowed and locks will be cut if left overnight. CCAC is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to money, valuables, or other articles belonging to those using the facility.

Pool Rules
Aquatic Center staff are trained to prevent accidents before they happen. By enforcing the rules, we can provide a safer and enjoyable experience for all. Pool rules are posted for your safety in the pool area near the recreation pool. Please ask the Aquatic Center staff for clarification or explanation of the pool rules.

Lap Swim/Recreation Swim
The 50 Meter pool is for lap swimming, training classes, and exercise only. The recreational pool is available for those individuals wanting to "free" swim. The use of diving blocks is only allowed for those training with a coach or instructor. Lap swimming refers to continuous swimming from end to end in a lane without stopping. If the lanes are crowded, sharing a lane is necessary to accommodate all users.

Private Instruction
Private instruction, swim lessons, scuba training, swim teams, kayaking, triathlon training, fitness training or similar instruction requires prior approval. Please contact CCAC prior to coming to the facility to discuss the details.

Safety Breaks
For the safety of all, the recreational pool may be cleared of all swimmers for fifteen minutes at 1:45 PM. and 3:45 PM during the summer. Safety breaks are signaled with three long whistle blasts by the lifeguard. All swimmers in the recreational pool must exit the pool during these breaks.

Smoking/Alcohol/Illegal Drug Use
The use of alcohol and illegal drugs is strictly prohibited. Smoking is not permitted inside the building or near the entrance area.

There is no fee charged for anyone watching from the pool deck. Please note that daily admission rates apply to individuals recreationally swimming while their family member is participating in a class.

Pet Policy
No pets, except for qualified service animals, are permitted in the pool area.

Failure to comply with any written or oral rules, regulations, or requirements imposed by Chatham County Aquatic Center personnel is a violation and may result in immediate removal from the facility. Personal conduct in and around the aquatic facilities must be such that the safety of self and others is not jeopardized. Any such violation may result in immediate removal from the facility.